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Newsletter 09-17-2014
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Hello my friends,

Just a little update on whatís been happening over the past month or twoÖ so MUCH has been happening!

Iíll start with The Christmas Project; weíre really working on it with a lot of promotion and advance sales to stores and merchants. In fact, I have boxes and boxes of CDs ready to be sent to the distributor as we speak. Itís been a blessing to have almost a whole year Ė actually over a year Ė to promote a CD. Iíve never had that happen before; itís been real exciting! I feel good about supporting a project that I really believe in.

Working with Jay Sekulow of ACLJ, and John Elefante, Mark Townsend and the rest of the guys who are amazing musicians has been a thrill. We just recorded our first original tune, Where I Stand, a moving tribute to the persecuted Christians in Iraq. The song goes hand-in-hand with an original book written by Jay, called "Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Canít Ignore." The song is available when you purchase the book - which is extremely relevant considering whatís happening in the world today.

I want to let you know that ACLJ is going to put out a Christmas EP, in addition to my own ďThe Christmas ProjectĒ CD. It may be a little confusing, but I believe God has a purpose for this and Iím excited to see where He will take it.

We (Jay Sekulow and myself) continue to put out videos that we enjoy, covering hits and songs from the past. They can be seen on my YouTube channel right now and they are also coming out on a new ACLJ site as well.

Another exciting opportunity is that John Elefante and myself are going out together as the
"Voices of Rock" with a full band. We were able to go out for the first time last month and it was a blast. Weíre looking forward to getting a booking agent and pushing this concert opportunity close to the end of this year and into next year. If youíre interested in this tour, contact my assistant Sue Dempster by phone 920-980-7671 or by email.

Thereís a lot going on and I thank God for it. Itís so great of God to give me the stamina and the opportunity to use the talents heís given me to go forward in whatever opportunities that come my way.

I want to thank everyone who is praying for me, my family and my ministry, John Schlitt Ministries*, which came out officially along with a new website. Please check it out and letís see how God works in this vein.

God is opening doors in amazing ways, and itís only because of your prayers. We work as a team; itís never a Ďlone soldierí thing. Itís a team effort, which means team prayer and thatís how it works. Period.

Thank you again - and letís continue to move forward and see where God is leading next.


*As a response to those who have supported John Schlitt over the years, you may now donate to John Schlitt Ministries and receive a tax deduction in return. You will be sent a personally signed receipt from John Schlitt, recognizing your donation for tax purposes.

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