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Newsletter 07-17-2014
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I often think about the song by that name which was part of my solo album “The Greater Cause,” and I am taking time to write you today because I believe that you are also committed to a greater cause.

Your life has intersected with mine through the music I have been able to sing. It has stirred our lives; mine as well as yours. Some will remember me from Head East, some from Petra, and some from my solo ventures.

But what does the next chapter look like, and how will we cross paths again? In my case, after an opportunity to sing and later to share my faith on stages all over this country and abroad, I have asked myself “where I want to be.” When all else is stripped away, what is left?

Another of my songs answers that question: “The Cross Remains.”

That’s why I know that the best and highest use of my God-given talent will always be in ministry to others, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel to people who may not otherwise understand it. That’s what God has called me to do. And that’s “where I want to be.”

My heart has always been to use the talent God gave me to further the Gospel. I've never seen this as a lone endeavor. I’ve always believed this was a joint venture of working hand-in-hand with the body of Christ through churches, Christian festivals, radio/TV/film, in addition to mainstream opportunities that are open to hearing and speaking truth through songs, testimony, and witness.

And those opportunities are as great as ever if only we can step up together and seize them. It breaks my heart when we can’t.

Some of you have already partnered with me and helped with recent projects through Kickstarter and other channels, but my platform has been limited because of the financial burden that has to be carried. For instance, some of the churches that call for me to come can’t even afford the cost of transportation to get me there.

We can’t allow that to be a limitation. That’s why I am happy to announce the formation of John Schlitt Ministries, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. I’m asking you today: can you come along with me? Together let’s discover the victories God has for the future.

To become part of the financial team, please go to “John Schlitt Ministries” for more information and instructions on how to become a partner.

Yours for The Greater Cause,
…John Schlitt

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