What Do I Consider When Getting A Public Liability Insurance Quote?

What Do I Consider When Getting A Public Liability Insurance Quote?

When it comes to getting a public liability insurance quote many things can be consuming your mind. Many people don’t even know the main matters they need to look at when getting such a quote.

Occupation And Workers

What occupation(s) do you need to be covered for? Be educated and give a detailed description of the job and duties . Explain in as much detail as you can and if you have an obscure or lesser known job, see if you can describe/compare it to a more well known job to give the underwriter a more effective idea. Prepare a list of everybody employed with the company. Detail what their job description entails and whether their work is manual or clerical.

Company Details And Experience

Be prepared to explain a little history about your company. Explain how and when the company was founded, how the company got to be where it is now and what direction the company is headed in. This will provide the underwriter a chance to learn more about your company and provide a policy that will accomadate your needs now and possibly into the future. Also be readied to discuss how many years experience the directors, partners and owners in the company have.


You need to know what level of indemnity you need. Most people opt for 1 million however certain occupations require higher amounts of indemnity, up to 5 million. Knowing what you want and need prior to meeting with an agent or underwriter will allow you to avoid questioning your decision or purchasing more indemnity than you may need.