Webmasters: Borrow Our RSS Feeds!

If you have a Web site, you are welcome to add our concert listings and/or newsletters to your site! Simply include the following codes on your page and the information will automatically appear:

Concert Dates[Spanish]"; } ?>

Concert dates with brief details in ".$params["language"]." "; } ?>(click for sample)

Concert dates only in ".$params["language"]." "; } ?>(click for sample)

Newsletter[Spanish]"; } ?>

Newsletter dates with excerpts in ".$params["language"]." "; } ?>(click for sample)

Newsletter dates without excerpts in ".$params["language"]." "; } ?>(click for sample)

You are welcome to customize these listings by providing your own CSS document, changing or removing the table used as a frame, or even directly syndicating the RSS feed through scripting, if that's your thing. If you would like to customize your results further, check out the sections labeled "Function parameters" and "CSS" on this page. And please email us to let us know you're syndicating our content!