A Small Way To Reduce Stress Levels On Your Wedding Day

A Small Way To Reduce Stress Levels On Your Wedding Day

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is basically a policy taken out designed to cover all the financial aspects associated with a wedding with regards to the disasters that may befall them. Similar to other insurance policies, it provides protection for items or circumstances that resulted through ‘no fault of your own’, a common insurance clause. Basic wedding insurance policies protect the couple-to-be against weather, location damage, no-show service providers or wedding officials, and illness or injury to any essential members of the wedding party. For an additional fee, the policy can also be written to include protection against the bride’s gown and groom’s tuxedo, damage to or theft of wedding gifts, location liability coverage, or unexpected call to service for military reserve personnel. A policy rider can also be added to cover the honeymoon travel which may be cheaper than purchasing separate travel insurance for he trip.

What Situations Would Wedding Insurance Cover?

If you have hired a limousine service and the driver never shows up, finding a last minute replacement can often be costly. Your wedding insurance would cover the cost of replacing the driver. If you have to postpone or reschedule your wedding due to the bride or groom being ill or injured, the weather making your wedding venue unusable, or the venue going out of business, any additional expenses incurred would be reimbursable. With the additional policy riders, damage to the gown or tuxedo, or even the wedding rings, would be covered under your wedding insurance. In essence, a wedding insurance policy will cover the majority of unforeseen expenses that can incur as long as the bridal party is not directly at fault.

How Do I Get It?

Since wedding insurance isn’t a common policy type, you may have to do a bit of shopping around. The best place to start would be with your current insurance provider for your home, auto, and life insurance policies. If they don’t offer wedding insurance, they may still be able to point you to another agent that does. If that doesn’t turn up any leads, consult with your wedding planner, if you have one, since there is a solid chance they have had dealings with wedding insurance providers in the past https://www.funs188.com/. Once you do find a provider, always make sure to read the fine print so you fully understand just what your policy will and won’t cover.

Should I Purchase Wedding Insurance?

A wedding day is one of the most magical and treasured moments in a couple’s life. With an average price tag comparable to a brand new car, why wouldn’t you pay the extra money to insure that the investment you have made into the event is secure and safe from unexpected tragedies. Just keep in mind, the one thing no wedding insurance policy will cover is a change of heart.